Why Read Fiction?

This section is to rebut arguments against reading fiction.

In plain English, ever run into someone who says one of the following?

  1. “I don’t read books. Books are boring.”
  2. “Fiction is not real. It is merely fantasy, like, well, fantasy fiction.”
  3. “What is the benefit in reading fiction?”
  4. “Books are meant to be burned!”

While number 4 is rather melodramatic, the point behind the above and like arguments basically calls into question why read fiction? What is the benefit in reading fiction?

I find it easy to get caught up in a story — in movies. But when you read, things take a different shape. “The Medium is the Message,” as Marshall McLuhan commented, is absolute truth, here. Movies are one format, and books are a different format.

This page, here, is a seeking good reasons and arguments for fiction. It’s probably going to be under construction for a bit, but here are some napkin notes:

Scientific studies and the right kind of book to read. This article skims multiple scientific studies and makes the point that, in short, literary-type fiction (contrasted with pop-fiction) is most enduring, for one’s own personal development. [Note: dig deeper, look at published articles cited.]


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